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EL-1901 12 Digit Paperless Printing Calculator


EL-1901 12 Digit Paperless Printing Calculator EL-1901
Printing Calculators
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The EL-1901 Paperless Printing Calculator is a unique and powerful calculator, perfect for those that need the power of a printing calculator with the functionality of a desktop calculator. The 1901 features a 12 digit backlit LCD display with a 5 line scrolling LCD display. This larger scrolling display allows a user to go back and view up to 300 previous entries. The Check & Correct functions allow for changes to be made to previous entries if a mistake was made or if a calculation needs to be updated. The Paperless Printing Calculator is whisper quiet, making it usable in any office environment. Other features include Cost/Sell/Margin, 4 key memory, tax keys, change sign key, backspace key, and selectable decimal and rounding keys.

[tab name="Specifications"]

Display Backlit LCD
Display Digits 12
Digit Size (mm) 12mm
Print Type Digital
Print Speed 2.5 LPS
Adjustable Display
4 Independent Memory
Change Sign Key
Average Key
Percent Key
Backspace Key
Square Root Key
Double Zero Key
Left Side Total Key
Decimal Setting F-6-3-2-1-0-A
Rounding Setting
Tax Calculation
Cost/Sell/Margin Keys
Plus/Minus Equal Keys
Delta Percent Key
Date Key
Store Key
Grand Total Key
Non-Add/Subtotal Key
Mark Up Key
Add Mode Selector
Constant Mode Selector
First Factor Accumulation Selector
Item Count Mode Selector
Grand Total / Rate Setting Mode Selector
Change Function
Antimicrobial Protection
Ribbon/Roller Type None
Product Color White
Power Source AC
Battery Type
Paper Type (IN.)
Weight (LBS.) 1.35
Individual Product Dimensions (W x D x H) 7.6" x 10" x 2.6"
Individual Packaging Dimensions 8.25" x 12.68" x 3.05"
Master Carton Units / Dimensions 5 per / 17.72" x 13.78" x 9.06"
Warranty 6 Month

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Spec Sheet


Display:Large 12 Digit Bright Blue Display
Display Digits:5 Line Scrolling LCD Display Shows Results
Digit Size:Check & Correct Function to Edit Previous Entries
Print Type:Stores 300 Entries
EL-1901 12 Digit Paperless Printing Calculator
EL-1901 12 Digit Paperless Printing Calculator
EL-1901 12 Digit Paperless Printing Calculator

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